Your Successful Job as a Mortgage Broker By David Reed

Your Successful Job as a Mortgage Broker By David Reed

guide analysis: their effective job as a Mortgage agent By David Reed, Amacom: United states administration organization, 1601 Broadway, brand new York, NY 10019, ISBN 0814473709 , 978-0814473702 , $18.95, 240 Pages, 2007

David Reed’s new mortgage name; their Successful profession as a Mortgage agent rounds out a successful on-going mortgage banking career and his earlier three mortgage-related publications. Created in Austin, Texas, Mr. Reed writes mortgage articles for Realty instances and Mortgage Originator. For those thinking about a career as a mortgage agent, banker, processor, or underwriter, this guide is chock-full of everything you require to know before taking the leap into this interesting area of perform.

Chapters address: The Mortgage Loan Officer and His group, How can I Get going?, Mortgage Banker versus Mortgage Broker, The Loan program procedure, Types of Mortgage debts, Loan Prequalification and Approval, Loan documents, Interpreting Credit Reports and Credit ratings, Interest prices: exactly They’re ready, How to Quote Them, How Brokers Make Money, advertisements Yourself, and Marketing techniques From the Pros. Extra qualities incorporate a preface, a glossary, an index, and a comprehensive resource appendix The 1003 and Disclosure Forms, Ten procedures to Becoming a Successful Mortgage Loan Officer, Ten Steps to Becoming a Megaproducer ($250,000 + per year), test Marketing parts, sector sources, condition certification Chart and Payments Per Thousand bucks Financed.

I discovered the chapter on Loan Documentation particularly informative. In an age in which borrowers can choose to has all or none of their income or possessions validated to secure a mortgage, Mr. Reed do an outstanding tasks describing the process and options for newer or possible mortgage bankers or agents.

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